So what is Pet Supplies Plus Cares?

Its more than just a statement. We strive to be involved in our local communities and support programs that benefit the lives of our neighbors and their pets. We hope that you will join us in standing with  great local partners and programs.

How can you get involved?

Rescue and Adopt – visit our Partner page and find a local rescue & adoption group in your neighborhood. When you adopt from one of these partners, you’ll receive a certificate for 25% off your purchase at any of our local Pet Supplies Plus locations. After you shop, we donate $20 back to your rescue group!

Support Pet Projects – If you are a local group trying to raise money for a project, cause, or event, partner with us to help raise funds. Click here for additional information and program details about our Dirty Dog Fundraiser that you can take advantage of for your pet project.

Watch your email and Facebook – Often times we announce events via email and Facebook where you will have opportunities to give and make a difference. If you shop at any of our Pet Supplies Plus locations and have a Preferred Pet Club Card, you will automatically receive these emails. If not, please email service@petsuppliesplus.com and opt-in. You can also follow us on Facebook by visiting https://www.facebook.com/pspcares/

Donate directly to Pet Partners – You can always donate directly to most Adoption and Rescue groups. Visit our Partner page, visit a partner and donate directly.